Thursday, August 27, 2009

Living for the Weekend

So I’m headed back to “T-Town,” and The O’Jays hit “Living for the Weekend” is blaring in my headphones. (Great song!)

I’m an ol’ school kinda guy. Anywho, the weekends are always awesome. Last weekend, I headed to the “ Kiddie Park,” in Bartlesville. I loaded up on cotton candy, nachos; corny daddy-daughter picture poses with my girls, and of course smiles :)

My wife would probably argue I had more fun than the kiddies.

Anyway, my last trip to Bartlesville, which is where I was all day… wasn’t as fun. I reported on a meth lab explosion. Police said some guy was cooking meth and caused the problem. Once the explosion started, he belted out of the apartment with more than 80 percent of his body burned. He’s in critical condition.

Even more sickening, police said he abandoned two small children inside the smoke filled apartment. The babies, ages two, and three, did make it out alright, but what about the indelible impression the terrible experience they had on them? Can’t help but wonder… They’re now with DHS.

I love what I do, but sometimes its emotionally taxing …

But hey, guess what, one more day and its the weekend!

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